How to Make a Double Bubble?

Answer We all chew gum and we all blow bubbles. Make it fun and unique; follow these tips to learn the trick of making a double bubble!

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Are Bubble & Double Flaring Tools the Same?

A bubble flaring tool is used to create International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-compliant flares on the ends of tubing. A double flaring tool, on the other hand, is used to create Soci... Read More »

Are bubble&double flaring tools the same?

The bubble flare tool and the double flare tool are not the same tool. The bubble flare tool is used to make a bubble flare on automotive brake tubing, while the double flare tool is needed to make... Read More »

Do all brands of bubble make the same size bubble?

i dont know going to do a science fair project and when get the results, i will post them on here.

Will a soap bubble made from a cold temperature bubble solution last longer?

Soap bubbles last longest in a cold solution as opposed to a warm solution because the of the evaporation caused by hotter temperatures. At colder temperatures, the bubbles take much longer to evap... Read More »