How to Make a Door Wedge?

Answer As long as doors have existed, people have employed door stops to hold them open. Although door stops have evolved over time from a rock or brick to something as ornate as a decorative mini statue,... Read More »

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How do I make a wedge for a skate ramp?

BaseDraw a 3-foot-long by 1 1/2-foot-high triangle on a piece of plywood. Use a saw to cut it out. Use the triangle to trace another triangle on the plywood. Cut the second piece and make sure the ... Read More »

What is the tree used to make Japanese wedge heels?

Japanese traditional wooden sandals are called geta. Several variations of the geta are made, including the high wedge heels worn by geisha. Referred to as Okobo, these sandals are made of one pi... Read More »

What is a gap wedge used for?

A gap wedge is a type of club used in golf. According to, it is typically used by experienced golfers who want to hit a ball longer than when using a sand wedge and shorter then when using... Read More »

How to Use a Lob Wedge?

A lob wedge is used by all golfers in the world. It is a simple swing but beneficial results out of it.