How to Make a Dill and Horsetail Nail Soak?

Answer If your fingernails are weak, brittle and easily broken, it can be a challenge to return them to their original strength and flexibility. Dill and horsetail are herbs that both contain nail strengt... Read More »

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How to Make Nail Soak?

Many people suffer with unsightly cuticles or nails because they are dry or cracked. During manicures, the nails are often placed into a bowl of warm water to soften the cuticles but this can actua... Read More »

How to Make a Gelatin Nail Soak?

Gelatin nail soak is a simple, natural remedy that will help strengthen the fingernails. Ideal for cracked and brittle nails, this nail soak can be used by anyone, and it is particularly beneficial... Read More »

How to Make an Anti Fungal Nail Soak Treatment?

An anti fungal nail soak treatment is a good way to effectively treat nail fungus and prevent it from returning or spreading to other nails. Myyrh has been used for hundreds of years because of it'... Read More »

How to Make Horsetail Oil?

Native Americans have traditionally used horsetail to treat stomach sickness and bites from venomous animals. Horsetail is a plant with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. When mixed with ... Read More »