How to Make a Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket?

Answer If you are looking for a different experiment that will spice up the day, try making a soda bottle rocket. Here's how to do so. It can really be a great challenge.

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How to Make a Mentos and Coke Rocket With a Condom?

3-2-1-Take off! Boom! This article is about how to make a soda rocket/bomb! This is a variation of the classic soda bottle volcano, by adding the addition of a condom or a balloon. Here is how to d... Read More »

Science Projects With Mentos & Diet Coke?

Kids love to see chemical reactions, and experiments with Mentos and Diet Coke can bring some excitement to science class without introducing dangerous chemicals or breaking the bank. Mentos and Di... Read More »

Can you died if you mix mentos and diet coke in your body?

no but i bet you would fart big enough to blow out a candle from across the room

How to Make Coke Zero Fizz Without Mentos?

This is a fun way to prank your friends or make a cool chemical reaction!