How to Make a Decorative Lantern Using Tin Cans?

Answer According to Scholastic Books, lanterns made from tin signaled slaves of the Underground Railroad that it was safe to cross the Ohio River. They also provided lights for homes according to the auth... Read More »

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To make juice you mix cans of concentrate with cans of water in the ratio 2 to 6.?

This depends on how the manufacturer makes it. Many are made 3 water to one concentrate, but some are made 2 to 1, and I know of one food service product which is made 6 water to 1.

How to Convert an Oil Lantern Into an Electric Lantern?

An old spooky lantern can be a great Halloween prop. But why mess with the oil or kerosene when you can convert it to an electric lamp? Here are some hints for converting an old lamp into a new one.

How to Make a Lantern?

A lantern is one kind of Chinese handicraft. Here is how to make a lantern. It's easy, so give it a try.

How to Make a Chinese Lantern?

Do you need a decorative piece of art that will not cost very much? The most it would cost be around $20.