How to Make a Decision Whether to Get Your GED or Stay in School?

Answer The General Education Development Test (GED) is legally equivalent to a high school diploma. Most employers and colleges recognize this equivalency. Although the GED and diploma are legally the sam... Read More »

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In Massachusetts can a child who is almost 15 make his own decision to stay with a non-biological parent who has had permanent custody of the child for 14 yrs?

no. Just doing the math I can assume the child was taken away from the person he/she wants to live with since the child is 15, and the person had custody for 14 years prior.That being said -No - yo... Read More »

Music Decision Help Really bad decision making skills here.?

The might of hercules can be arranged for those instrument mainly trombone and clarinetsGood luck, practice hard

Can you help me make a decision?

Do the Pro (for) and Con (against) process...Pro - you may like the way it looks now and maybe it will make you feel cool and older - or what other reasons you may have. Realize that most of those ... Read More »

How to Make a Personal Decision?

Have you ever had to make a personal decision and not know what to do? Well here are some pointers to help you on your way. Make sure no one gets hurt everyone is happy with the decision and everyo... Read More »