How to Make a Cup Holder Out of Pegs?

Answer Cup holders are very useful for holding cups, usually on vertical surfaces which otherwise might not be used for storage. The holder separates each cup from the one next to it which protects each c... Read More »

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How to Make BMX Pegs?

BMX street is a very common form of BMX riding where the rider uses many obstacles in their everyday environment to do wicked tricks. Grinding has become a major part in BMX as well as the weight o... Read More »

How to Make a Tealight Holder?

Tea light candles are a delightful small source of firelight, designed to be used for just one or two long burns. Generally sold in thin foil cups, tea lights are somewhat dull, often messy if burn... Read More »

How to Make a Ring Holder?

Do you have rings laying around everywhere?Do you want an easy & cheap way to see all of your rings quickly?This ring holder is a quick, cheap way for great results.

How to Make a Earring Holder?

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