How to Make a Cross With Seed Beads?

Answer Seed beads are very small glass beads that are popular in loom work, jewelry making and cross-stitch. Today most quality seed beads are made in Japan or the Czech Republic. Lower-quality seed beads... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the beads in a cross faith necklace?

Cross faith necklaces are multicolored-beaded necklaces with a wooden cross in the center. Each colored bead has a different meaning, and each is a representation of a Biblical scripture.BlackBlack... Read More »

What is a hank of seed beads?

A hank of seed beads is a bundle of strands of seed beads. The length of the strands, number of strands in a bundle and number of beads in a hank can vary based on the company selling the beads and... Read More »

How to Work with Seed Beads?

Seed beads are tiny glass beads often used as "filler" between larger beads or to make intricate designs and patterns. There are many methods when using seed beads.

How to Weave with Seed Beads?

Weaving with seed beads is like normal bead weaving, with a couple of slight differences. Here is how to weave with seed beads. Click any image to enlarge it.