How to Make a Corn Flake Cluster?

Answer The crunch of dry corn flakes make a simple base for candy clusters you can make in the microwave, no baking required. Using the same recipe, you can make chocolate, butterscotch, white chocolate o... Read More »

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Can corn flake crumbs be substitued for corn meal?

Yes, corn flake crumbs can be substituted for corn meal in a recipe. In addition to corn meal, corn flake crumbs can also be substituted for bread crumbs, crushed pretzels and panko.References:Food... Read More »

How to Make Vanilla Bean Cheesecake With Flake?

This is a simple, yummy cheesecake that is good for a party desert. It only takes 15 minutes for preparation and 3 hours for refrigeration.

How did the people on the frontier make corn meal out of corn?

Cornmeal is a type of flour that is made from corn or maize grains. Cornmeal was a staple product in the American frontier. Modern, commercially made cornmeal flour is either steel-ground, using st... Read More »

Can you make corn dogs without corn meal?

Without corn meal, you'll have to have a different breading that will taste different than the regular corn dog (using all purpose flour instead). It'll still be good, though! I guess it would be... Read More »