How to Make a Coon Trap Out of PVC Pipe?

Answer Raccoons have become one of the most important fur bearing animals in North America. Because of their ability to thrive in a variety of habitats, the loss of wild and wilderness areas has had littl... Read More »

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Is a trap considered a pipe or a conduit?

According to the Repair Home website, a trap is in fact a pipe, not a conduit. Traps are an important addition to your plumbing system around sinks and drains, because they create a seal that preve... Read More »

How to Make Coon Stripes Without Tape?

Everyone knows how to put coon striped in their hair with tape... problem is, it usually doesn't work, unless you want to choke your hair to death with the tape. This is an easier, alternative meth... Read More »

How to Make Synthetic Coon Tail Extensions?

Kiki Kannibal, the Scene Queen to bring back CoonTails!Scene clothes? Check. Scene Room? Check. Myspace? Check. Lingo? Check. Scene Haircut? Check. Human Hair Extensions? Check. Colourful coontails... Read More »

How to Make Temporary Coon Tails or Leopard Spots?

You want coon tails? Leopard spots? Parents say no!? They don't want their son/daughter to do this? It's cheap. It's easy and parents' proof.