How to Make a Compound Radius Guitar Neck?

Answer The radius of a fretboard adjusts the playability of a guitar. A small radius -- a larger curve -- allows easier chord playing on lower frets, but a flatter curve is desired on higher frets for sol... Read More »

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How to Make an Electric Guitar Neck Guide?

If you're interested in learning the fretboard at an enhanced pace, consider illuminating your instrument with a custom-made fretboard guide. By installing a guide that follows the dot pattern alre... Read More »

Broken radius playing guitar!!?

So basically I broke my radius too 1 week before a gig and I was rhythm guitar -.- BUT I STILL PLAYED :D (luckily the rhythms weren't too bad...) As long as there isn't any pain and you take an eas... Read More »

Can you put a bass guitar neck on an electric guitar?

It is possible to put a bolt on bass neck onto a guitar, but it's not practical. It would require replacing the bridge in order to get the strings to line up properly. It would be easier to either ... Read More »

What does a set neck mean on a guitar?

A set neck or set-in neck means that the neck of the guitar (the horizontal part that houses the strings) is glued and cannot be removed from the body. The Les Paul design is almost exclusively set... Read More »