How to Make a Composite Longbow?

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How to Make a Longbow Out of Walnut?

Bows and arrows have been around for centuries, used mainly for recreation or hunting purposes. There are plenty of manufacturers that you can purchase a longbow from but it doesn't carry the feeli... Read More »

How to Make a Traditional Longbow?

The traditional English longbow impacted the world, both as a weapon and a hunting implement. Despite hundreds of years of military and recreational use, the longbow's design and materials have cha... Read More »

How to Make a Viking Longbow?

For Vikings, archery was part of a respected range of skills for a warrior, and their traditional sagas praise skilled archers. The longbow was only one of several bow designs; other Viking bows in... Read More »

How to Make a Japanese Longbow?

Unlike their straight-shaped Western cousins, Asian cultures favored a bow design referred to as a recurve bow for its multiple bends. As a result, there were no true Japanese longbows. Japanese ar... Read More »