How to Make a Commentary on YouTube?

Answer Sometimes, you may view a video on YouTube that provokes a strong enough reaction that you want to leave a comment to agree or disagree with the content. YouTube allows users to leave comments on t... Read More »

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Youtube. If I make a video, post it on youtube to make profit (partnership, etc). Can I have a remix of a song?

It might help if you understand that the composition has copyright and each and every recording of a performance of that composition has its OWN copyright, owned by the producer or performers. A re... Read More »

What is a bible commentary?

A Bible commentary is a book of knowledge and interpretations that give background information and insight on culture, history, geography, customs and religious ceremonies during biblical times.Use... Read More »

How to Write a Commentary?

Commentaries are typically written by teachers, writing consultants, students and editorial writers. Teachers write commentaries on students' essays to assist the development of writing skills and/... Read More »

How do you get rid of the commentary box in blue ray?

The introduction of high definition discs saw two formats launched. Bluray is one and HD DVD was the other. The format war was won by the Bluray system and HD DVD was withdrawn in 2009. Both Bluray... Read More »