How to Make a Column Bar Graph?

Answer Column bar graphs are useful in business presentations because they can illustrate a company's performance by tracking sales growth, profit earn growth and stock price movement. To create a bar gra... Read More »

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Excel - make data automatically populate in one column based on value in another column?

The answer depends on how many "Fruits" there will be that a "Price" needs to be set for. And the VLOOKUP function would be one way of handling this.I would probably have the Fruit and Price value... Read More »

How do I condense data in an excel table to fit within 1 column and not overlap into the 2nd column?

Select the column you wish to modify. Right-click that selected area and choose Format Cells... Then go to the Alignment tab and set the Text Control to "Wrap text". Now click the OK button.Whil... Read More »

How to Make 2 Column Blogger Templates?

Blogger, a free blog host provider, allows users to easily customize the look of their blog. In addition to being able to choose from a variety of templates, colors, and fonts, Blogger also allows ... Read More »

How to Make a Sturdy Column Out of Paper?

A column is a round cylindrical object that provides an excellent weight-bearing property. A round column can support more weight than a square column due to the lack of weak points throughout the ... Read More »