How to Make a Cobalt Stock Exhaust Louder?

Answer The Chevy Cobalt is a compact car from the GM Company, scheduled for replacement in 2012. With your current Cobalt you may want to add additional features to the car to make it more intimidating on... Read More »

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How Do I Make a Harley Sound Louder With the Stock Exhaust?

Many Harley-Davidson riders swear by the aphorism "loud pipes save lives." And, after all, a confident rider is a safer rider. Making stock pipes louder is a less expensive alternative to purchasi... Read More »

How to Make My Exhaust Louder?

If you've ever seen a racing movie or a modded car drive by, you definitely know the sound they are capable of making. Custom exhaust systems can cost thousands of dollars when you figure in an adv... Read More »

How to Make My Exhaust Sound Louder?

A vehicle's exhaust sound is affected by four factors. The first and greatest is the engine size. The greater volume of engine displacement -- usually measured in liters or cubic inches -- the grea... Read More »

The Best Ways to Make Exhaust Louder?

Although the exhaust system has been purposely designed to make it quieter, many car enthusiasts prefer the loud growl of their engine to the muffled rev of the average car. If you would like to gi... Read More »