How to Make a Cobalt Atom Model?

Answer Cobalt is magnetic metal with an atomic weight of 58.933200 amu. It is located in group 9, period 4 of the Periodic Table of Elements. Each atom has 27 protons, 32 neutrons, and 27 electrons. Cobal... Read More »

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How to Make an Atom Arsenic Model?

Arsenic is the 33rd element on the periodic table. It is most well-known in liquid or powder form, in which it was once used to kill mice and other pests and is still sometimes used as a poison. Be... Read More »

How to Model the Nuclear Atom?

The nuclear atom is the building block of all existence, which all matter consists of. The atom has a dense nucleus that is surrounded by a swarm of negatively charged electrons. Atoms are essentia... Read More »

Who discovered the plum pudding model of the atom?

J.J. Thomson developed the plum pudding model--which states that atoms contained electrons distributed evenly throughout a sphere shape--in 1900, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. However, scie... Read More »

How to Build a 3-Dimensional Model of a Copper Atom?

A copper atom is a metal located in group 11, period 4 of the Periodic Table of Elements. Its atomic symbol is Cu. Each atom has 29 protons and electrons, 35 neutrons, and an atomic weight of 63.54... Read More »