How to Make a Closet Smell Like Cedar?

Answer You have a basic closet in your home, but you want it to smell like a cedar closet. Since cedar may be a more expensive wood than you could afford for your closets, or if you simply do not want to ... Read More »

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What is a cedar closet?

A cedar closet is a closet lined with some form of cedar. There are usually three options of cedar closet lining: cedar waferboard panels, cedar veneer or wood cedar planks. A cedar-lined closet ca... Read More »

How to Cedar Line a Closet?

Installing a cedar lining in a closet creates a fragrant, insect-resistant area to store clothing and linens. Evaporating natural cedar oils produce the sought-after cedar smell that deters bugs. C... Read More »

Cedar Closet Tips?

Cedar closets can be stylish, fragrant---and even help protect your clothing from destructive moths. The pretty, aromatic wood is infused with essential oils; closets lined in it can be lovely to ... Read More »

How to Restore a Cedar Closet?

A cedar closet is beneficial because it helps protect clothing, especially items that are made of wool. The odor repels moths, silverfish and other pesky insects. Placing clothes in a cedar closet ... Read More »