How to Make a Chinese 250CC Scooter Faster?

Answer You can improve the acceleration and top speed of your 250cc Chinese scooter by performing simple maintenance procedures on your scooter, such as checking the tire and oil levels. If you are unsati... Read More »

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What type of gas is used for a Honda Reflex 250cc scooter?

The Honda Reflex 250cc scooter uses regular unleaded gasoline, although some riders have reported smoother rides using a higher-octane variety, such as mid-grade or premium. Regardless, the cost is... Read More »

How to Make a Bladez Gas Scooter Go Faster?

Here is information on how to make a Bladez go faster. You will gain 5 mph or more.

How can I make my old dad's mobility scooter faster so he can keep up when we go for a drive in the country?

I assume it has a battery powered electric motor. If where you vacation is mostly flat ground you can do either of two things: #1. Install a larger sprocket on the motor by one or two teeth. Measu... Read More »

How to Disassemble a Hub on a Chinese Scooter?

Disassembling or repairing a Chinese scooter hub generally involves the same steps used to perform similar work on any other type of modern scooter. The designs used on modern scooters follow the s... Read More »