How to Make a Cedar Canoe?

Answer The traditional cedar canoe is complex and difficult to build. Fortunately, modern techniques and materials, let you capture the beauty of a traditional canoe while retaining the durability and sim... Read More »

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How to Build a Cedar Epoxy Canoe?

If you plan to build a cedar epoxy (technically a cedar strip epoxy or CSE) canoe, you will make a serious investment in tools, forms and materials. A CSE canoe is simpler to make than traditional... Read More »

How to Build a Cedar Stripper Canoe?

Building an old-fashioned cedar strip canoe would take a good-sized book to describe. These craft are a work of fine skill and take a long time to build. To get the beauty of a cedar strip canoe an... Read More »

How to Make a Canoe?

Have you ever wanted a canoe? Well now you can make one with these easy to follow instructions.

How to Make a Canoe With Paper?

Teach kids about traditional Native American forms of transportation by teaching them to make their own canoe. Using construction paper and yarn, create a canoe similar to the traditional birch bar... Read More »