How to Make a Carving Block?

Answer Make your own carving block with reclaimed wood. In this project, you will create a cutting station for you kitchen. A carving block is a rustic and dedicated cutting board for a busy home kitchen.... Read More »

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How to Make a Soap Carving?

Soap carving is a fun and easy way to create sculptures from a bar of soap. As opposed to wood carving, which is more dangerous and should only be done by skilled individuals, anyone––from youn... Read More »

How to Make a Traditional Carving Mallet?

Carving mallets are useful for a variety of jobs around the workshop, not just hammering on carving chisels. With a proper mallet, you can pound in dowel pins and hammer together tongue-and-groove ... Read More »

How do I make a mold of a wood carving?

PreparingMake a mold of a wood carving using any standard molding kit designed to make a negative impression (the mold itself) from flexible material, such as latex or silicone. Before molding, tre... Read More »

What Is Chip Carving?

Chip carving is an art form in woodwork, where a woodworker would cut triangular shapes and free-form lines from the surface of the wood in order to create intricate patterns and designs.Source:Car... Read More »