How to Make a Car Key From a Code?

Answer Vehicles are equipped with key codes, which are number sequences that link a key to its specific vehicle. If you need a new key for your vehicle, you'll need to have the key code to create your key... Read More »

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I get a warning from web security guard saying Yahoo is downloading code segments from which?

Moley knows how to handle the situation. "Heads down and butts in the air". RScott

Coby TV and the universal code is not on the list for my comcast cable remote I tried the universal code on their website that isn't it Anyone know what the code is?

If you are a DirecTV or Cox subscriber, you may sync a universal remote to your television using code 1548 or 11548. These codes are for use with the following Coby television models: TFTV1022, T... Read More »

How do I recover a CD code from an XP CD?

Place your Windows XP disk in your computer's CD or DVD drive. Navigate to the drive by clicking "Start" and "Computer" (or "My Computer," depending on your operating system). Right-click the drive... Read More »

Where is the area code 374 from?

The 374 area code is the area code for Xuchang,Soresina, Bolu, which is in Turkey. The city of Bolu is located between Istanbul and Ankara near the Western Black Sea area.References:Travel Area Cod... Read More »