How to Make a Camaro Handle Better?

Answer Camaro owners typically want their muscle car to go fast. To go fast, they can add performance parts to the engine and upgrade suspension parts for better handling. To make a Camaro handle better i... Read More »

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How to Remove a Door Handle on a 1992 Camaro?

The most common problem with the 1992 Chevy Camaro outside door handle is either a broken actuating lever or a broken spring. In order to replace the outside door handle, the inside door panel must... Read More »

I can't trade in my '69 Yenko 454 Camaro for a v6 2010 Camaro because it doesn't get 22mpg! What good is C4C?

If you Truly do have the car your saying, just what are you thinking ? The car you have 69 Yenko is a collectors and worth far more then that dumb trade.Get in touch with me and if this is the car ... Read More »

How to Mount 2000 SS Camaro Wheels on a 1978 Camaro?

In 1978, the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 engine produced just 185 horsepower. The stock wheels and tires at the time were fitted to the car to provide adequate traction to the car, but by the year 2000, t... Read More »

How Do I Make My '91 Camaro Faster?

The 1991 Camaro lacks just a bit in the speed department when compared to its counterparts made in other years. However, what it lacks in speed and power, it makes up for with style. The '91 Camaro... Read More »