How to Make a Bunker in Preperation for a Nuclear War?

Answer While the Cold War ended over 20 years ago, the fear of a Nuclear War is still a very believable one. Creating a bunker that is fully prepared to hold you for 2 weeks or more if there ever was an a... Read More »

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How to Make a Bunker With Just Sticks?

In the second World War, as well as many subsequent wars, it was necessary to protect yourself and your fellow military heroes from enemy crossfire and try and blend in with the landscape. Wars tha... Read More »

How to Make a Collapsible Paint Ball Bunker?

The following article is on how to make a simple light, portable paintball bunker.

How to Make an Airsoft Observation Point, Bunker, or Main Base?

Forts, observation points, bunkers, and trenches are very helpful for intense action Airsoft wars. Learn what you need and how to build them here!

What nuclear reaction takes place in a nuclear power plant?

The nuclear reaction that takes place in a nuclear power plant is nuclear fission. Fission is the process of splitting an atom in order to release energy. The element most commonly used for this pr... Read More »