How to Make a Buffer Solution With Given Volume?

Answer Many chemical processes must be performed under conditions where pH is strictly controlled, especially in the field of biochemistry. However, anyone who has worked a little with acids and bases rea... Read More »

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Who is credited with the discovery of a buffer solution?

Danish chemist Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen made the first known buffers. Sorensen first developed the pH scale, which expresses the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. He later developed... Read More »

How to Make a Weight-to-Volume Solution?

Chemists have many different ways in which they can describe the concentration of chemicals in solution. One of the most basic descriptions is the weight per volume, which gives the weight of chemi... Read More »

Who discovered the buffer solution?

Danish biochemist Soren Peter Laurtiz Sorensen (1868-1939) developed buffer solutions to maintain the constant pH of chemical solutions. These buffers are sometimes known as Sorensen buffers. Soren... Read More »

What is a buffer solution used for?

Buffering solutions bring a reaction to a desired pH and stabilize it at that pH. Many chemical reactions need a narrow pH range and simultaneously alter the pH of the solution outside that range. ... Read More »