How to Make a Bridle from a Nylon Halter?

Answer Horse with properly fitted bridleIf you just get a new horse but don't have a fitting bridle yet, and have, to ride, here is a quick way to make a temporary bridle using baling twine, a bit, and a ... Read More »

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How to Make a Rope Halter Bridle?

A rope bridle is one way to train your horse as a more gentle alternative to a metal bit. The pressure created by the reins on either side of the nose band will act as the bit does in a normal brid... Read More »

How to Remove and Attach the Replaceable Snap on the Weaver Nylon Halter?

Do you own a Weaver Leather Nylon horse halter with a looped on snap and have ever found yourself puzzled as to how to replace it after it has been broken? Here are some steps to help you replace t... Read More »

How to Make a Bridle Rack?

Your horse's bridles, halters, and lead ropes need to go somewhere, right? You can easily make a bridle rack for your barn!

How to Make a Kite Bridle?

A kite bridle consists of strings attached to the kite frame. The bridle gives a range of adjustment to balance the kite during flight. Most kites use a two- or three-point bridle. A three-point br... Read More »