How to Make a Blackfoot Indian Feather Hat?

Answer A Blackfoot is a member of the North American indigenous peoples of the Northwestern plains. Only a member of the Blackfoot tribe can make a Blackfoot feather hat. A craft person can honor the desi... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Indian Feather Headband?

Making an Indian feather headband is a simple craft for older elementary school children. Make this headband around Thanksgiving so the kids can play dress up for the holiday. This craft allows for... Read More »

How to Make an Indian Feather Hair Extension?

Feather hair extensions can add style to any outfit. They are typically worn while your hair is down. Some opt to include a feather or two in braids, but those are not true extensions, as they're h... Read More »

How do you feel like this feather hair headband Feather hair headband or clip- in feather hair extensions?

You are turing 15,it's a cute age.The former one may be more suitable for you,no matter its color or style just matches your hair and also your age.By the way ,I would like to tell you that I use... Read More »

How to Make a Feather Wig?

Create feathered wigs that can be worn for Halloween, to parties or by actors when they is finished. Use a cheap wig, found at discount stores, as a base for the feather wig. Real feathers are pref... Read More »