How to Make a Black Mask Like the Lone Ranger's?

Answer "The Lone Ranger" began as a radio show in 1933, and eventually led to the hugely popular long-running TV show of the same name. The title character was a Texas ranger named John Reid who became th... Read More »

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How to Make a Black Mask?

Halloween is an event celebrated by children and adults at the end of October. Adults attend parties or go to favorite nightlife hot spots. Children go door-to-door to collect candy from friends an... Read More »

In Power Rangers rpm where is Black Ranger's sister?

If you think about all of the facts about the Black Ranger I would say that Tenaya 7 is Black Ranger's sister. Fact 1= Venjix can turn Black Ranger into an attackbot, so he can turn other humans in... Read More »

When was the first Lone Ranger movie produced and who played the Lone Ranger?

The first Lone Ranger movie was the 1920 short film "The Lone Ranger," starring Leo D. Maloney. It also was known as "Bud Kirkland's Buddy." The first feature film was "The Lone Ranger" in 1956, st... Read More »

If a power rangers upgraded powers every season wouldn't the Rangers from now be able to beat the original megazord without a megazord?

It's possible but I'd say it would depend on the Ranger and their powers. In "Time Force" - it's known that their Rangers are weak against regular villains, their powers are only meant to battle ag... Read More »