How to Make a Birthday Name Poem?

Answer Nothing is more meaningful than a gift from the heart. If you take the time to write a birthday poem to honor a loved one's birthday, you will certainly cause a pleasing stir. In fact, the poem may... Read More »

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How do I Write a Birthday Poem for Grandma?

Grandmothers have seen many birthdays and are often more pleased with a personalized, heartfelt gift than one that's more material. A great way to create such a gift is to write your grandma a birt... Read More »

Ideas for rocky horror birthday party invitational poem?

Its astoundingTime is fleetingMadness takes its tollBut listen closely Because there's a partyand I thought that you should knowYou'll remember doing the time warpLong after this party's doneBut pl... Read More »

What poem did Krammer write in Elaines birthday card on Seinfeld?

Think where man's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such a friend

How to Make an Onomatopoeic Poem?

Onomatopoeic words are words whose meanings match their sounds, such as "buzz," "clank" and "harrumph." They can add spice and humor to a poem, as well as emphasizing key moments in the poem or cre... Read More »