How to Make a Better Grade on the MAP Test?

Answer Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests are used to determine if a student is progressing academically. Subjects tested include mathematics, reading, language usage, and science. MAP tests are nor... Read More »

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How to Make a 5th Grade Math Test?

Designing a math test that accurately assesses the skills and knowledge of fifth-graders can be a daunting prospect. Teachers must take into account many factors, such as the material to be tested,... Read More »

How Can I Make a Great Grade on the ACT Test?

The American College Testing (ACT) exam is a college entrance test that consists of 215 questions, worth one point for each correct answer. Because there's no penalty for wrong answers, don't leav... Read More »

How to Grade an IQ Test?

An IQ test is a test intended to measure or grade a person's IQ or Intelligence Quotient, which means his all-round intelligence. In its most basic sense, intelligence is an ability to learn and un... Read More »

How to Figure Your Grade on a Test?

It is important to keep track of your grades in school so you can tell how you are performing in a class, and if you would like to double check your teacher's calculation on your final grade. As ea... Read More »