How to Make a Bat Out of Play-Doh?

Answer Bats are nocturnal creatures and the only mammals that can fly. Some bats dine on the blood of animals. This created the association between bats and vampires in Bram Stoker's classic novel, Dracul... Read More »

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How do you make a DVD play when it doesn't play?

Get a new copy beacause the data on the disk was corupted from neglagent and abusive treatment.

How to Make a Wii Play a DVD?

The Nintendo Wii DVD drive can play DVD game discs but has been crippled by Nintendo so that it can not play DVD movies. You can alter the Wii's operating system to let it play DVDs, providing that... Read More »

How to Play Six and Five Make Nine?

This is a simple little puzzle in which you can demonstrate how six plus five equals... nine! Here's how.

How to Make Your Own Play Car for a Kid?

Making a toy car can be a fun and inexpensive way of keeping your children entertained. You can build a toy car using unwanted items in the home. When using sharp items, ensure that there is a resp... Read More »