How to Make a Ball Out of White Glue?

Answer A ball is a classic toy that provides entertainment to people of all ages. Create your own bouncing ball out of white glue and other readily available ingredients. Make a custom colored ball by add... Read More »

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What is stronger white glue or wood glue?

White glue (polyvinyl acetate) is a strong wood glue, properly used. Yellow glue (aliphatic adhesive), is considered by most woodworkers to be somewhat stronger, others say they are equally strong ... Read More »

White bump with white little ball inside on my foot Help?

It sounds like a blister or a wart if it looks bigger in the nest few days you should get it checked. When you don't wear sock it opens the skin in your foot and it gets all kind of gross stuff in ... Read More »

Why is glue white?

I think glue is white because the sticky stuff in it made it turn white, even though some glue is purple. * Don't mind me, this probably is wrong! *

How to Remove White Glue From a Car Seat?

White glue can spill easily when handled carelessly, which can be inconvenient when it gets on a car's seats. When attempting to remove glue from the interior of your car, it is essential to use th... Read More »