How to Make a 3D Self-Portrait Made From Paper?

Answer Learning body awareness is an important concept for children. By discovering what a body looks like lets children identify their own characteristics. A mirror is used for this activity, which helps... Read More »

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What were Egyptian portrait masks made of?

Ancient Egyptian portrait or death masks were usually made of carton. Wealthier and important people such as Pharaohs had their masks made of gold. One of the more famous masks was King Tutankhamon... Read More »

What two improvements made portrait photography accessible to the public by the end of the 1840s?

Hey Mr. Foo's Student,The answer to this is:Negatives, and the calotype process.Have fun, it's a great class.

How to Make a Portrait From a Photo?

A portrait does not have to be the static classic image of a person staring into the camera lens. Sometimes, the best portraits come from candid photos that may originally include other people. In ... Read More »

How to Make a Chocolate Portrait?

A love of art can be combined with a love of chocolate to create a striking, whimsical and delicious portrait. With just a photograph, a computer, and a few shades of chocolate, you can depict a pe... Read More »