How to Make a 3 Dimensional Cell for High School?

Answer The study of plant and animal cells is important in high school science classes, particularly biology classes. A colorful, three-dimensional model of a cell can be made using materials from a craft... Read More »

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High School Cell Projects?

Learning the complex structure of cells, their parts and how they behave within an animal or plant is a concept learned in high school biology classes. Allow students to work in pairs or small grou... Read More »

Cell Activities in High School?

Students' ability to learn is improved when they are actively engaged. Learning about cell biology can be enhanced by the use of hands-on models. There are a number of activities that revolve aroun... Read More »

How to Deal With Having No Cell Phone in High School?

So, you thought that when you went to high school you'd get a cell phone, but you didn't? Don't fear - read on!

High School Activities on Cell Theory?

Cell theory is the foundation of biology, so it is essential scientific knowledge. Organisms with cells are alive and those without are not. But how can you understand a cell when it is so small an... Read More »