How to Make a 16th Century Corset?

Answer Corsets are tightly fitted female undergarments extending from the bust to the hips that shape and flatter the torso. Unlike the uncomfortable corsets in the 19th century used to draw in the waist,... Read More »

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What was it like to live in the 16th century?

In 16th-century Europe, there was a vast difference in living conditions for the rich and the poor. However, life spans were shorter for everyone because of rampant diseases and poor sanitation.Clo... Read More »

16th Century Inventions?

The 16th century, a time of great change in Western culture, ran from 1500 to 1599. Society was slowly transitioning from a feudal to a growing capitalist economy. The 16th century also marks the c... Read More »

Clothing of Europeans in the 16th Century?

Towards the middle of the 15th century the Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance, a period when Europe underwent a rebirth in learning. The 16th century was the height of this period. It was a ti... Read More »

Famous 16th Century Canvas Paintings?

The Renaissance (French for "Rebirth") was a dynamic era that stretched from about 1450 to 1600. Paintings of this period are characterized by classic balance, controlled movement, effects of light... Read More »