How to Make Your iDog Happy?

Answer The iDog is an interactive dog and music speaker introduced by Sega in 2005. It connects to your MP3 player. When the iDog is in use, it plays music and lights up. When it is turned on but not in u... Read More »

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Can an iPhone 3GS fit into the idog amp'd?

Yes, he is great, below is complete specifications for HTC Touch pro 2

How do you operate an iDog?

go to if you have the English version otherwise...iDogYour i-dog didn't come with instructions? I am suprised such a product doesn't offer directions... Read More »

Is the idog an apple product?

No.Its a toy, from Hasbro, with the i- prefix to make it sound like its an Apple product.

What is the power button for an idog?

try to create a short circuit from the motherboard through your body. That is the only way to make it work... that is if you have failed at pressing the green button on the front