How to Make Your Tongue Glow?

Answer One way to stand out at any rave or concert is by having a glowing tongue. Glow sticks are all too common at these types of events, but a glowing tongue is sure to draw some inquiring eyes towards ... Read More »

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Could burning your tongue on very hot food leave little dots on your tongue?

Yes if your tongue has been burned by a hot bevarege or food itmay cause some small dots on your tongue. If this happens,your tongue may feel pain, it will probably feel kind oflike sand paper at f... Read More »

How to Make a Face Mask that Will Make Your Skin Glow?

This simple mask helps to give your skin a natural glow, by cleansing off the dead skin cells and promoting healthier skin cells. Does this Spark an idea?

Is it okay to frenck kiss your on her tongue or lick her tongue?

yes and it depends on the relationship but if he/she kiss you in her tongue it means she/he like you deeper than friends or depends on your standing

How to Make Your Face Glow?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. People feel that if their skin isn't perfect, free from blemishes and glowing that there's a hindrance in them being beautiful to their full potenti... Read More »