How to Make Your Tan Fade Faster?

Answer Sometimes there may be a situation when you need to have your tan fade away quickly, or perhaps you just don't like the way your skin looks when it's tanned. Well, whether you have a real tan or a... Read More »

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How to Make Red Dye in Hair Fade Faster?

Dyeing your hair can be a quick and dramatic way to change your appearance. Glossy red hair can be achieved artificially using hair dye from a salon or out of a box from your favorite retailer. If ... Read More »

How to Make Hair Color Fade Faster?

When hair color comes out a little too bright the night before a big event, panic starts to create a sense of urgency, and desperate measures can worsen the problem. There is a trick you can learn ... Read More »

How do I make my hair fade faster (blue/purple)?

Wash it a lot or run it under water a lot

How to Fade Hair Color Faster?

Although hair dyes fade with time, applying chemical hair colors can sometimes go wrong and not come out the shade you want. One problem is that not everyone looks good in any hair color, especiall... Read More »