How to Make Your Students Laugh?

Answer Humor in the classroom is a great tool for educators. It can be used to help convey a lesson plan, defuse a potentially problematic situation, or create a closer bond between the educator and the s... Read More »

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How to Make Your Friends Laugh?

Laughter is the best medicine, you can use laughter to make a friend feel better when they're down. Follow these tips to be funny-ifed!

How do you make your baby laugh?

Act like a kid it works for my nieces what also works is making funny faces

How to Make Your Crush Laugh?

So you're walking with the guy/girl you really like and you want to tell a joke to see them smile or impress them with your humor. Well, did you embarrass yourself by telling a joke that fell flat?... Read More »

How to Make Your Kids Successful Students?

Yes, your kids can be successful. By encouraging them to love what they do, you create possibilities for their success. Loving school and every subject is not a difficult task if they look at the m... Read More »