How to Make Your Spray On Tan Last Longer?

Answer Getting a spray on tan is a great alternative to laying in a tanning bed or sitting outside in the sun. The only thing about a spray on tan is that they don't last as long as a real tan does. Over ... Read More »

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Would AXE body spray make a good feminine deoderant spray?

Considering most of the guys that use it are p*ssies or douche bags, yeah, I'd think so.

How do i get rid of black (sugar) ants i have had an exterminater spray the house and i bought some ant spray?

I use Terro. It is a clear liquid that comes in a small bottle. At first it will attract more ants,but then they take it back to their home and shortly--no more ants. Good luck to you.

How to Make a Pen Last Longer?

Pens come in all sizes, designs and purposes. If you take care of your pen, no matter which one you use, and follow this advice, your pen can last much longer.

How to Make Your Car Last Longer?

No car will last forever, but with some effort, any car can last a lot longer!