How to Make Your Shoelaces Look Straight?

Answer Maybe you want to lace your shoes a different way to add personalization to your footwear, or maybe you suffer from foot problems and want to reduce the pressure that footwear can cause. Whatever t... Read More »

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How to Make Converse Shoelaces Be Straight?

Converse -- also known as Chuck Taylors -- began as popular basketball shoes, with the first All Star shoes being produced in 1917. The shoes have remained popular through the years, especially amo... Read More »

How to Make Your Nose Look Straight?

Create the illusion of a straight nose with the help of uncomplicated makeup tricks. Whether your nose has a prominent bend or a center bump, you can trick the eye using basic cosmetics and strate... Read More »

How to Make Your African American Straight Hair Look Fuller?

Lank and lifeless locks don't enhance your looks. Those with straight, fine hair must deal with this issue. Most black women naturally have curly hair or wavy hair rather than straight hair. To get... Read More »

How to Make Your Shoelaces Checkered?

Checkerboard lacing is a style seen on skate shoes and other shoes that tie up with laces. This style uses two different colored shoelaces to create a checkerboard effect. Not only does checkerboar... Read More »