How to Make Your Sauce Less Salty?

Answer Maybe you were too heavy-handed with the salt or perhaps you didn't take into account other naturally salty ingredients. Whatever the case, if the sauce you made to accompany your meal is way too s... Read More »

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How to Fix Salty Tomato Sauce?

If you are cooking tomato sauce and it becomes too salty, here is a method to make it less salty.

Hot Sauce BBQ Sauce Steak Sauce Tarter Sauce OR Soy Sauce Which do you like more on your food?

It depends on what kind of food that I am eating them with.I hope that you enjoy your break.

How to Make Sweet and Salty Trail Mix?

Nuts and raisins (chocolate chips are optional)This is one of the easiest recipes I am using right now. As a vegan , I always carry snack food and this satisfies both cravings of sweet and salty wi... Read More »

Can salty foods make your heart beat faster than usual?

Your body needs some sodium to function properly. Sodium: Helps maintain the right balance of fluids in your body, assists with transmitting nerve impulses and influences the contraction and relaxa... Read More »