How to Make Your Satellite Receiver Get a Better Picture?

Answer Improving the signal path from your dish to your receiver will improve the picture quality of your picture. If you have properly pointed your dish and are receiving the best possible signal strengt... Read More »

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What is needed to make the picture look better on a hdtv using a standard def. dish network receiver?

Is satellite TV a better picture than cable?

Satellite TV technology uses a parabolic receiving dish to receive signals straight from orbiting satellites. This signal allows hundreds of channels to occupy a single bandwidth.Cable's physical l... Read More »

Do you need a HDTV receiver for a better cable tv picture?

Yes, but many times the picture will be worse if youdon't have the cable companies HD converter. When connected correctly with the HDMI cable, the improvement in the picture and sound will knock yo... Read More »

Do you need a new satellite receiver and a new service to watch 1080p satellite programming?

Yes, you will need both new equipment (MPEG-4 equipment) and a different, probably more expensive service from your satellite company.