How to Make Your Pokemon's Health Automatically Healed in "Pokemon XD"?

Answer Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, is a role-playing Pokémon game released in 2005 for Nintendo Game Cube. The game is a sequel to "Pokémon Coliseum," released a year earlier. It has several similar... Read More »

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Can you make boy Pokemons& girl Pokemons in Pokemon Pearls?

Yes, there are both male and female Pokemon in "Pokemon Pearl Version." You can breed Pokemon at the day care center in Solaceon Town. Each species of Pokemon has a specific gender ratio which dete... Read More »

What Are the Starter Pokemons for "Pokemon Emerald"?

In each of the Nintendo "Pokemon" video games, you start your adventure with one of three companion Pokemon. The Pokemon you choose will be your lead Pokemon and will fight most of your battles for... Read More »

Does a secret security clearance automatically request full medical records or automatically request any mental health records?

Depending o the level of clearance being requested, it could require access to these records.

How can you make your ankle straight if you have a healed ankle but the tendion hasn't return to?

I'm assuming you tore your Achilles Tendon, if this is the case, after surgery you're going to have to wear a boot, for a period of time and have intensive physical therapy. The boot would only be ... Read More »