How to Make Your Own Wood for Smoking?

Answer The use of wood chips to smoke meats, including beef brisket and chicken legs, adds a rich flavor without the use of harmful chemicals. Several types of wood, including hickory, apricot, ash, pecan... Read More »

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How to Prepare Wood for Smoking?

Using wood chips or planks to smoke meat or seafood on a grill is a great way to get the unique nutty flavor only possible with wood smoke while using a gas or charcoal grill. The key to using wood... Read More »

Is smoking wood pipes dangerous?

On One Hand: Dangers of SmokingThere are dangers involved with smoking any type of pipe whether it be wooden, ceramic, glass or metal. Whenever smoke touches living cells, damage is done. Health ri... Read More »

Whats the best wood chips to use for smoking beef brisket?

I use Hickory or Maple, Mesquite is to strong unless it is a Texas based recipe, you want a light wood to use for smoking, the 2 I mentioned or a fruit wood like apple even pecan wood or shells.

Ways to Make Wood Last Longer in Wood Stoves?

Wood stoves offer alternative heating. The wood-burning appliance provides supplemental heat to conventional home heating and emergency heat during power outages. Flames dancing in a wood stove of... Read More »