How to Make Your Own Water Cycle for a Science Fair Project?

Answer Taking part in a science fair gives you the opportunity to display what you have learned throughout the year in an exciting and innovative project. For example, if you have studied water cycles dur... Read More »

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How to Make Glowing Water for a Science Fair Project?

Making glowing water for a project at a science fair can be done with very little preparation. Glowing water can be produced by adding ink from a highlighter pen to a bottle of water, then exposing... Read More »

Science Fair Project on How to Make Water Rise?

Some science projects seem like magic until you closely examine why they work. Making water rise up a column appears to be magic to a casual observer, making it a good demonstration at a science fa... Read More »

Different Ideas for a Science Project on the Water Cycle?

The water cycle is can be a subject for a science project. Unlike more abstract topics, students can immediately relate to weather in the form of rain and sunshine. It is fairly straightforward to ... Read More »

Science Fair Project on Flowers in Water?

Perform science experiments with students to discover the reaction flowers have to different stimulants, including food color, prescription drugs, alcohol and fertilizers. After students complete e... Read More »