How to Make Your Own Vermicomposting Worm Bin?

Answer Vermicomposting is a cheap and easy way to make natural, nonchemical fertilizer for your plants while also helping to reduce household garbage by recycling plant matter. A vermicompost bin uses red... Read More »

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Outdoor Vermicomposting?

Worm composting on a small scale can occur indoors in small, shallow bins. Drawbacks such as fruit fly infestations, a lack of space or unpleasant odors may spur the worm hobbyist to relocate a ver... Read More »

What is a vermicomposting project?

Vermicomposting has many projected and actual uses. [1] It can do done inside or out. [2] It therefore reduces and recycles the waste stream indoors and out. For it breaks down yard waste, paper an... Read More »

Can you put cooked meat into vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting refers to composting that utilizes worms to help decompose organic food scraps like eggshells and vegetable peels. Meat, bones, tobacco and manure should not be added to a vermicomp... Read More »

Vermicomposting for Classrooms in Ohio?

Students can gain a breadth of knowledge from the most unlikely of tasks. By nurturing a bed of worms outside the classroom, for instance, not only can they learn about animals that reproduce simpl... Read More »