How to Make Your Own Universe?

Answer Have you ever wanted a place of your own, other than your room? Perhaps you want to be somewhere more interesting? Follow these easy steps to create a fully customizable, changeable world, controll... Read More »

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How to Make the Most of Phantasy Star Universe?

Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) is an online role-playing by SEGA that was released for the PC and console gaming systems in October 2006. It loosely follows the original Phantasy Star genre that star... Read More »

How to Make a Wormhole Route in Empire Universe 2?

In the Looki game Empire Universe, sometimes you have to go to a very far away system, to trade, help a friend or just mine that juicy asteroid. If the system is over five parsecs away, it might ta... Read More »

What is a universe?

The word universe meaning all (or all as one(uni=1)) is everything around us. Impossibly big to imagine, this is all the galaxies and planets and stars ever catalogued and more. Some people believ... Read More »

Who controls the universe?

i do and when i wish it to disapear it will and will nall be doomed as you are mere mortals and i will burn your kind throughout eternity ha ha , by the way doomsday is next Tuesday