How to Make Your Own Text Field on a PDF?

Answer A PDF is an electronic document that can be read and may be writable in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. In order to add a text field to a PDF, the user must have commenting rights enabled in the P... Read More »

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How to Create a Text Field in AS3?

Text fields, also known TextFields in AS3, are one of the fundamental objects that beginners need to know to create interactive Flash programs. In Flash animations, movies and video games, text box... Read More »

Which menu can I use to get a text field in MS Word?

Choose Text Box on the Insert menu or the Drawing Toolbar. Pick horizontal or vertical for the desired type of text box. These work for creating text boxes for new text or when working with exist... Read More »

How do I align a text field in HTML form?

Open your Web page's source code in a text editor. Locate the tag in the code and find the data that you wish to align in a particular manner. Before the text, type the code . Change YOURALIGNMENT... Read More »

How do you make it so instead of the preview of a text message in the iPhone you can just see the words text?

See the guide here: