How to Make Your Own Sanding Disc?

Answer The Ancient Egyptians knew that the abrasive quality of sand could be employed creatively. As "Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians" tells us, when cutting a block of limestone to create a new monu... Read More »

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Dangers of a Disc Sanding Machine?

As with all power tools, certain safety precautions should be taken when operating a disc sander. Improper use or maintenance of any power equipment can result in injury not only to the operator bu... Read More »

What type of plug do you need to play your blu Ray disc on your hd tv?

Can you connect your Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD to your standard regular tv?

That is not possible since HD-players use HDMI for connecting to the television. It wouldn't be very useful to connect HD-players to SDTV's, because that way the player has no advantage over a stan... Read More »

Can you connect your Blu ray Disc or HD DVD to your standard regular tv?

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