How to Make Your Own Puffy Paint?

Answer Here is a wiki to show you how to make your own puffy paint for cheap.

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How to Use Puffy Paint?

Lots of people like to express themselves through t-shirts and other methods of clothing by painting with puffy paint. This is how to use puffy paint.

How to remove dry puffy paint?

Put some mineral spirits ( white spirit or turpentine ) on a cloth and dab and wipe the puffy paint off of the shirt...............

My face looks puffy a lot. How can I stop it from looking puffy?

Puffiness can be a sign of dehydration, because the body starts to retain water when the body sense that it is not getting enough. Drinking more water in this case could remedy this. Puffiness is a... Read More »

How to Make a Puffy Hat?

Puffy hats come in a variety of shapes and styles, from chefs' toques to berets. The basic principle behind the hats is to stitch and gather a circle of fabric and attach it to a band that is the s... Read More »